Friday, October 23, 2009


Our house was almost finished, and we've been living here for six months now, but we still missed one thing. We didn't have stairs yet. The ladder worked fine for a while, but as my belly got bigger and bigger it became harder for me to go upstairs. The past month I was afraid to go up, so I just stayed downstairs. But as of last week, that's over. We finally have our stairs! I think they look beautiful (and it's so nice to be able to go see the second floor of my house again ). The nursery will be upstairs. We don't have it in order yet, because the baby will stay in our room for the first few weeks. That's why the bassinet and the changing table are in our room for now.


hette said...

Het is heerlijk als je kindje bij jou op de kamer slaapt. Nikolai slaapt al bijna een jaar bij ons op de kamer (over 2 weken dus een jaar). Maar goed, nu ben ik het wel een beetje zat want hij slaapt nog steeds niet de hele nacht door.
Tijd om te gaan verhuizen!

Laryssa Herbert said...

What beautiful stairs!

Thanks for leaving a comment at Heaven In The Home.

That was such a great tip! Cling film has always clung more to me than to anything else. I'm always glad to find out a way to control that beast!

Come visit again soon. :-)

John said...

Beautiful staircase Nic! The twisting design is very elegant looking.