Sunday, January 18, 2009

Washing dishes

My new kitchen arrived last week... it's so beautiful! Those of you on Facebook may have already read it, but I'm so happy and excited about it! The most important feature (right now) is the dishwasher...
If there's one chore I dislike, it's washing dishes. When we first moved into the trailer, I even looked at the possibility of installing our old dishwasher in it. But there was no extra water hookup and it would have taken a lot of time and energy to get things working, so we decided to sell it instead. After that, I was the dishwasher for ten months.. until yesterday! Even though the water can't run to the sewage system yet (because of frost in the ground) M's uncle dug a big hole in the ground where the dish water can leak into. I know, it's not a great solution but it works for us now. After all, it's mainly water, food and a little dish soap so we figure it can't hurt much.

Last Monday and Tuesday the kitchen guy was here to install everything. It's so pretty, and makes the kitchen look even bigger.I'll give you the tour...

This is what you see when you walk into the kitchen from the living room (it's a semi-open kitchen so no door). From left to right: refridgerator (huge for Dutch standards), dish washer, sink, drawers, cooktop (induction), drawers, window. The little half moon shaped window is an old Dutch stable window. It looks into our bedroom but the glass is opaque. It's one of the cute features that make our house so unique.To the left of the refridgerator is the pantry door, and the pantry. Let's turn 45 degrees so we face the window. That means your back is to the pantry. This what you see:

The window faces my former vegetable garden (and probably future driveway). The window is a sliding window. Next to it you see the microwave/oven and the apothecary cupboard. Don't know if you Americans are familiar with it.. but you can stash lots and lots of stuff in it and it draws out easily so you can reach everything. I can totally picture myself cooking and baking lots and lots here!!