Friday, October 02, 2009

Almost there

The last time I posted I was 25 weeks along... and today I'm posting pictures taken yesterday (35 weeks and 3 days). I figured that I would have more time to post pictures over the summer, but that didn't turn out to be true. I don't know why, but I just don't seem to get to writing anymore. But people have been asking me how I have been, so I figured I'd write an update. So... here goes!

This is how I looked yesterday (a little grumpy, apparently ;-)).

As you can tell my belly has grown a lot! My maternity leave started a week ago. I decided to stop working 6 weeks before the due date, and I'm very glad about that. Now I can do what I want to do and I don't have to work anymore! I'm taking things very easily (while I still can). When M leaves for work I turn off the alarm, turn around and I wake up when I wake up. Usually that's somewhere between 9 and 10. And then I do, well, what do I do? I've been taking maternity classes, breastfeeding classes, I've been shopping and washing baby clothes. Every afternoon I take a nap. That's my life in a nutshell. Pretty boring, huh? I'm enjoying it though. Yesterday I went to the midwife and she told me that the baby hasn't dropped yet. It is in the right position, so it's starting to move down. Next Wednesday we'll have an ultrasound to check the position. I didn't know that was the new standard, so it surprised me a little. But it will be fun to look at the baby again before I really get to see it!


Hette said...

Bijna bijna!! Geniet van de laatste 'loodjes' en vooral ook van je verlof want zo'n rustige periode komt nooit meer.

ps..ik heb geen werkcontract meer bij mijn oude baas dus ik ben ook niet verplicht om full time terug te komen. Ik kan wel terugkomen, graag zelfs, maar dat is me te ver reizen. Als je echter tijdens je Elterngeldperiode nog wel een lopend contract hebt, dan moet je wel terugkomen, parttime of fulltime.

Puck said...

En ondanks dat het misschien niet zo spannend is geloof ik meteen dat het enorm genieten is. Hoe vaak komt het nu voor dat je een wezentje in je draagt en hoe lang duurt zo zwanger zijn nu helemaal...
Geniet er maar ten volste van, dalijk wordt het druk zat!

cltgrace said...

Wow! It's so close! I was so surprised how many ultrasounds we had in Germany. I didn't mind - nice to see the progress on the inside. Here in the US, it is much fewer. Love the midwife personal attention, especially after we made it home from the hospital. What support!

Glad you are relaxing & taking some time for yourself before baby comes. Love your sunflowers & zinnias. Our sunflowers were lovely. I say every year I want to plant zinnias, but for some never happens. But next year for sure.