Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The bounties of the land

Look, Nicolien! I caught a bird. Yay! I'm really proud of myself.

Wanna have it? 'Cause you can, you know. We can share it. Want me to bring it into the house for you? 'Cause I will. I'll even put it on the couch where you can reach it easier, if you want.

See, I dropped it here especially for you. That way it won't get my drool all over it while you decide.

Don't want it? Really?
*I'll never understand those weird humans...*
OK, then I'll just eat it myself.


Lnnkz said...

Haha lekker is dat ja ;-) En dan neem je hemt niet eens aan tsss

cltgrace said...

Nasty! I'll never forget when Gracie was about 9 months, we were watching some kitties on our deck. The neighbor's mama kitty was raising her babies under our deck, so first hand view of kitty play. All of a sudden, mama cat jumped on the deck bringing a squirrel dangling from her jaws. Dropped in for the a little bat it before you eat dinner right in front of wide eyed Grace. Ewwwww! A little too much bounty for us. :o)

Lisa said...

And they are always so proud of themselves when they catch something. Pity that they also like to play with it for days on end.

hette said...

En en en?? Is er al een baby? Nog maar 2 dagen toch? Hopelijk start de baby op tijd de bevalling! Nog ff volhouden!

John said...

Why do cats do that? We had a cat that would catch two foot long garter snakes, and leave them in the back yard. Luckily he never got inside with one.

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