Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Family heirloom

When I told my parents about my pregnancy, one of the first things my mom asked me was if I wanted to use her family's bassinet. I didn't even realise that there was a family bassinet, let alone had I considered using it. She got out the photo albums and showed me that I slept in it too, for the first few months of my life.

It was made in 1946 for my aunt. After that my mom, cousins, distant cousins, brother and I slept in it. Of course I love history like that, so we went to my aunt and uncle's to look at it.
It needed some work. The upholstery was gone and there was no mattress. But we brought it home with us and my mother-in-law offered to help. In the end, she didn't just help, but she and M's aunt did all the work. All I did was go the market with them to pick out the material. When we came back from our vacation, it was right there next to our bed. Isn't it beautiful?

Our baby will have a historical start. Hopefully it will be born in the house that was built by daddy's family in 1863, and then sleep in the bassinet that was made for mommy's family in 1946. We think that's pretty cool!


Lnnkz said...

Dat is heel gaaf! Mooi zulke spullen met geschiedenis!

Hette said...

Leuke wieg zeg! Wij hadden ook het familiestuk hier staan. Ik had hem opnieuw laten bekleden etc. Helaas paste Nikolai er maar 4 maanden in en toen moest hij toch echt naar het ledikant.
Maar het was altijd zo knus in dat bedje.

John said...

Your bassinet is in great shape for 63 years old! That is so cool to have that family connection with the house. Old houses have such stories to tell, and when your family is part of the story it makes it so much more special.