Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The last stretch

Warning: this might not be a very positive post.

Yesterday I went to see the midwife, like I do every week. She measured my blood pressure, and then measured it again. I thought that was funny. It turned out to be 120/90 both times, as opposed to the steady 110/70 it had been throughout most of my pregnancy. Then she looked at my hands. "Your fingers are swollen, aren't they?" Yes, they are. "How has your weight gain been the past few weeks?" Two kilos in two weeks (that's 4.4 lbs). Then they tested my urine, and found traces of protein in it. All of this could - but does not necessarily does - point to signs of preeclampsia. I had not been nauseous or had blurred vision, and I still feel ok. Sure, I sleep well for two nights and then hardly sleep the third night, and the skin on my belly sometimes itches like there's a hundred ants creeping underneath, but that's supposed to be normal for the last stretch, right?

The midwife told me to go home and not worry, because that's not good for my blood pressure. She does want to see me in again on Thursday instead of next Monday.
I guess I shouldn't worry. If she really thought it was preeclampsia, she wouldn't have sent me home but told me to go to the hospital right away. And I'm exactly 37 weeks along. That's considered a milestone over here. Not only is the baby full-term now, but also you have to be at least 37 weeks along to be allowed to deliver at home. So if I get contractions now (and I continue to feel ok and things go normally, as far as that's possible in labor) I'll be allowed to stay at home to have my baby. And that's what I really want!


Hette said...

Dat is echt normaal volgens mij voor de laatste weken want ik had dat ook. En ik ken er nog veel meer die dat hebben.
Alleen had ik geen last van jeuk.
Nou ja, nog maar heel even en dan kun je je baby in je armen houden. Ik ken ook drie mensen die last hadden van zwangerschapsvergiftiging maar dat begon allemaal rond een week of 32. En m´n vingers en voeten waren ook gezwollen. De laatste twee weken liep ik rond op crocs.
Misschien komt je kindje wel de 8e haha.

Puck said...

Probeer je geen zorgen te maken. Het komt vast wel goed. Als het echt fout was dan had ze je inderdaad niet naar huis gestuurd...
Spannend dat het nu echt bijna zover is!

Judith said...

Hey Nicolien,

Niet teveel zorgen maken, rustig aan doen en dan komt het wel goed! Laatste loodjes wegen altijd het zwaarst.. toch?

Nog geen idee wanneer Bas terugkomt trouwens, hangt van de snelheid van de ambassade (in Berlijn) af wanneer hij de papieren in huis heeft. Hopelijk niet te lang (paar weken max?). Hou de weblog maar in de gaten voor nieuws (als je niet aan het baren bent, that is!)

Liefs, hou je taai,


John said...

Praying all goes well for you and your little one.

Amanda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I ended up delivering at 37 wks because I developed Preeclampsia and HELLP. (Not fun)I'm glad you were able to go back home and let the baby grow more before delivering!!! ANY DAY NOW!!

Praying for a healthy delivery and baby! I loved this post about the history. So fun!