Monday, April 28, 2008

Lovely things

- Today was the first day in 2008 that I did not wear socks. I did wear flipflops and sunscreen, however;
- sleeping in;
- having coffee outside in the sun, while reading the paper;
- watching my husband do the same (and not DIY-ing for a change!);
- jumping on the trampoline with the girls nextdoor;
- having dinner with my parents on their patio;
- dinner being a salad with smoked chicken and ciabatta mmmmmm;
- going to bed after having changed the sheets (which had dried outside and smell wonderful).
And the best part is: all these things happened in one day!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

One of those questions that will never be answered...

The sun shone today, so I decided to do a lot of laundry. Weekends are horrible for laundry since I can't hang it up (it'll be in the way of the workers) and I can't use my dryer because the power is off a lot of times.

While the first load was in the machine, we went to a bathroom showroom. Then we went out to lunch. Then we went to the second bathroom showroom. We got home just in time for dinner.

So much for my laundry plans. I threw in a load after we got home, and managed to get another load done right before I went to bed. The only problem was: the dryer was still full with the first load, and I couldn't use my indoor clothes line because it's in the shed where the construction workers have coffee and eat their lunch. They don't need to see my socks and undies while they eat their lunch. That is not necessary.

So, as I unfolded my laundry rack at 23:00 (11 pm) and hung up my laundry in the evening air, I pondered one of those questions that will never be answered...

How is it possible that when I take the sheets off our bed, one of the pillow cases is always inside out while the other one is inside in?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Cold frame

The early beginnings of lettuce and lavatera in my cold frame. It's spring again and even though my vegetable garden is now a brick dump, my cold frame is still in function!

Friday, April 04, 2008



It hit me like a ton of bricks...

... that we're not only demolishing, but building too. That seems to be good news. On the other hand, the cabin fever hit me too. All of a sudden I was annoyed by the lack of privacy, and mad at myself for those emotions. We are very grateful to all the people who help us with the remodeling. Without them, it would cost us a lot more money. But at the same time, it would be nice to not have people around the house (and trailer) all the time. It would be nice to be able to say "OK, it's 19:00 and I'm going to get into my pajamas and veg out on the couch. That is not possible. My M gets home from work, eats dinner, changes into his work clothes and gets to work. Around ten o'clock he walks in the house, drinks something and goes to bed. Lovely.

But it's all worth it. And I should not be complaining. It's only temporary, and it's all worth it. I just need to get over myself sometimes...