Saturday, September 09, 2006


I just came back from three days of 7th grade camp. Exhausting but fun. Thank goodness I didn't stay the night (I had college class on Thursday) so I wasn't as exhausted as my colleagues that did sleep over.
It's a good tradition in most Dutch high schools (grade 7-12) that the 7th grade classes have a camp in the beginning of the school year. It's a nice opportunity for the kids to get to know their class mates and for the teachers to observe the students. Wednesday we all rode our bikes to the camp location. It was about an hour and a half and the kids were complaining that they got tired. Which was good, because by the time we were at the camp they were nice and quiet :). We played lots of games, went swimming, bowling and Friday morning we rode our bikes back to school. The kids were tired and dirty (amazing how they bring suitcases full of stuff and end up wearing the same shirt for three days), we were just tired.

The weather has turned. After three weeks of rainy, 15 degree weather, we're back to 20 and sunny! Yeehaw. A lot of my tomatoes had started to rot but maybe some will live now that it's getting warmer again.

Tonight we're going to the movies, probably Pirates of the Caribbean II. And tomorrow to the
zoo in Duesseldorf (Germany).Oh and the chickens still don't lay any eggs. They are growing, though.

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