Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last night we had the second ultrasound. Last time the baby looked like a little peanut with a flashing light in it, this time it really looked like a baby. I'm usually not too good with ultrasound pictures but apparently the baby was posing beautifully so we both understood which body part was which right away.
Here she/he is! (No, we don't know what the gender is, and we don't want to know either.) Ten weeks and six days along, 4.34 cm from crown to rump.

The baby's head is on the left, you can even see its nose. On the right the leg is clearly visible. It's a baby!


Sheila said...

Wow! Duidelijk een baby!

Lnnkz said...

Wauw fantastisch zeg!

Hette said...

Oh leuk zeg! Hij/zij staat er goed op! Geniet ervan!

cltgrace said...

It's a whole different story when you looking at your own baby's first picture/ultrasound. They are perfect from the beginning. Congratulations again!!
Hey - we leave out tomorrow for a few weeks in Germany! So excited! I'll let you know if we head your way. Been thinking about those lovely tulpen!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

SO GORGEOUS! :) Congratulations!! Are y'all thinking about names at all yet??

valerie said...

Lol! It's a baby! What else could it have been, an alien? ;) no I'm just kidding, it just sounds (reads) so funny.
Great to see your little kid for real, in all it's abstractness :)