Thursday, January 31, 2008


Working with teenagers is what I like to do, and what I'm good at. Sometimes it totally frustrates me, though. Like last night.

There's this extracurricular activity that another teacher and I lead. We've done it for a few years now, and some of the girls involved in it have become friends. Well, I don't know if that is the right word, because there's a twelve year age difference between us and obviously we don't confide in them. They do confide in us, though. Last night one of the girls told my colleague something that broke my heart. She told her that she had a problem involving auto-mutilation, and even showed her arm.

I thought I knew this girl. I thought she was a happy, bouncy teenager whose only problems could be what time to get home after a party or what clothes to wear. But I was wrong.

There's nothing I can do for this girl. I don't even teach at her building. Thank goodness she told my colleague that she had been talking to the school's counselor, so she is getting help. But I feel slightly powerless. Sure, I can pray for her and be nice to her. But somehow that doesn't feel like it's enough.

Getting attached to your students is a good thing, but it also has its downside...


Sheila said...

Heftig. Maar gelukkig heb ik je gisteren telefonisch al kunnen steunen. Hoe gaat het vandaag met JOU?

P.S. Off topic: HAHAHAHAHA (over datgene waar ik je gisteren voor belde en waar ik net een sms over heb ontvangen).

Jasmine31 said...

That is great you can be there and pray for her. Unfortunately it is all the rage these days to deal with problems in that way.

I am dealing with this problem alot closer to home and it is not easy.

Read Mark 5:1-20

WomensDaily said...

Something there isn't much you can do but offer a presence. I'm sure it's a stressful job what you have to do, but remember that even though they don't always thank you for your presence, it's usually appreciated anyway.

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