Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A few skiing statistics.... (sorry, no photos yet. We only took 8 on the digital camera and they didn't turn out very well. We'll have to check some of the other's photos and have them send them to us).Thanks to the amazing people at http://www.dolomitisuperski.com/ who keep track of everything you do with your skipass...
- I skied 179 km in 8 days. That's 111 miles for all you Americans.
- I took 97 skilifts.
- I covered a total of 29369 m of height difference. That would be 32118 yards.
- I lost my clip-on sunglasses twice while getting in a chairlift, but got them back both times.
- I gained 2 kg, or 4.4 lbs. But muscle is heavier than fat, right?

So much for the statistics. We had an awesome week. Both the busrides went fantastic, the skiing was great (good snow and lots of sunshine, which did turn the snow rather soft in the afternoons). I didn't fall too many times and I was able to ski until about 13:30 every day, after which I would eat lunch and slowly ski back to the hotel. Then I'd take a shower and a good long nap. I felt really good and people at work told me yesterday that I look a lot better than two weeks ago. But that's probably the tan, too.We were with a group of 21 people, so we had lots of fun at dinner and playing games at nights.That's the short version. I really need to iron and do some school stuff now. But I didn't want to keep you guys waiting for too long...


Hette said...

Wat leuk om te horen!! En zo´n kleurtje staat altijd mooi! Jammer dat de foto´s niet zo goed gelukt zijn, maar als je met een groep was zijn er altijd wel mensen die foto´s van jullie hebben toch? Ik ben zelf niet zo´n wintersport fan. Ben slechts 1 keer geweest en dat was wel genoeg.

falleri said...

Helemaal vergeten te vragen gisteren, wat dom van mij! Nuja, nu lees ik hoe het was.. ;)
Jammer van de foto's, hoop dat anderen meer mazzel hadden! En het klinkt alsof je behoorlijk wat gedaan hebt.. ik weet natuurlijk niet wat een normale hoeveelheid kilometers zou zijn :D maar het staat wel indrukwekkend hoor, zo'n lijstje.

Plien said...

Het weekje heeft je inspanning gekost maar ook energietjes opgeleverd. Wat een enthousiast verhaal!!