Thursday, November 23, 2006


You may have noticed I haven't been online much in the past few weeks. That's because I've been tired, really really tired. After school I would just sit down, take naps or do something else that didn't require much thinking. I even took a home pregnancy test. That wasn't it, (thank goodness, because that wasn't the planning) and I was still tired.
That's why I went to the doctor's last week Thursday. I felt sort of like a loser, because what kind of complaint is that? "Doctor, I'm so tired". But since I do usually listen to my body I went anyway. He took me seriously and recommended a blood test, so I went to the hospital where they drew 5 tubes of blood. I called today and the assistant told me I have Mononucleosis, what we in Holland call Pfeiffer's disease. The white blood count was low and I had 2 out 3 Pfeiffer tests turn out positive. That combined with my symptoms told them that I was easily diagnosed. The HB was fine and so was my blood pressure (120/70).
And now? I'm still contagious (my M was happy to hear that, not! He said he'll still kiss me, thank goodness) and I should stay home for the next two weeks. The dr said "Tell the people at work the doctor said so. Enjoy giving into it. When you're tired, go to bed."
I guess my mental health day wasn't just mental, but also physical. And necessary.


rebelyell said...

oei.. dat is niet fijn.. ik heb gehoord dat je daar echt jaren nog last van hebben :S

Heel veel beterschap in ieder geval, en geen vreemde mensen zoenen ;)

Lieke said...

Ai that's not good at all. Djeez, stay safe for yourself and listen to your body. Good thing you went to the doc.

Anonymous said...

getsie.. pfeiffer... nooit fijn... ik mag maandag ook ffies met bloed laten testen, ook omdat ik de laatste tijd zo moe en moedeloos ben... xxxjes Tamara

yoastie said...

Oh jeetje. Nou, beterschap hoor!

P.S. Weet je zeker dat het via je blog niet besmettelijk is??

Plien said...

Hmmmm niet fijn! Ik wens je veel beterschapjes!!

She said...

Hè, wat vervelend! Geef er inderdaad maar goed aan toe, anders blijf je er misschien nog heel lang last van houden. Beterschap!

Renne said...


Pfeiffer is lastig, heb het jaren geleden gehad.

Rust maar lekker uit.