Monday, April 28, 2008

Lovely things

- Today was the first day in 2008 that I did not wear socks. I did wear flipflops and sunscreen, however;
- sleeping in;
- having coffee outside in the sun, while reading the paper;
- watching my husband do the same (and not DIY-ing for a change!);
- jumping on the trampoline with the girls nextdoor;
- having dinner with my parents on their patio;
- dinner being a salad with smoked chicken and ciabatta mmmmmm;
- going to bed after having changed the sheets (which had dried outside and smell wonderful).
And the best part is: all these things happened in one day!


Mrs Yoastie said...

It was lovely at the weekend. Now it is really rainy here. Hope the weather in NL has stayed better.

Hette said...

En dat doe ik vandaag! Zonder de slippers dan want het regent hier me bakken uit de lucht.

jasmine said...

Sounds like you are relaxing and having fun. Enjoy yourself!

Sheila said...

En hoever ben je met Grey's???