Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fiery Chicken

This week is Easter break and I'm a week off. So today I decided to cook a really nice dinner, because I love doing that. I still had a rooster in the freezer so I took that out and fixed it. But the minute my husband got home from work and I started to put everything on the table, he was paged by the fire department. That's why I ate by myself... But the dinner was good enough to share it with you. I thought it was about time for another recipe!

Nic's roast rooster with vegetables

You will need:
- 1 whole chicken
- 1 stem of leek, chopped
- stalk of celery, chopped
- 3 cloves of garlic, chopped
- 1 onion, diced
- about 10 cherry tomatoes, halved (a few big tomatoes in chunks are ok too)
- 1 big carrot, diced
- 3 potatoes, peeled and diced
- rosemary
- paprika
- salt and pepper
- about a glass of red wine
- the same amount of bouillon (chicken or herb)
- margarine and olive oil

Dry the chicken and season generously with rosemary, paprika, salt and pepper. Melt the margarine and olive oil and heat in a large skillet. Brown the chicken on all sides (this may take a while). When the chicken looks crispy and brown, take it out of the skillet. In the hot grease, brown the onion, garlic, carrot and potatoes. Stir for a little bit, then add the celery and tomatoes. Pour in the wine and bouillon and stir gently. Put the chicken on top of the vegetables and cover the skillet. Let simmer for a good long while (I think it may have taken me two hours), turning the chicken every once in a while. When the meat is so tender it starts to fall off the bones, you can be sure that it is done.

I served this with homemade biscuits. It tasted really good!


Mrs Yoastie said...

sounds lovely. Mr Yoastie won't allow me to keep chickens. Do you think a shop bought one will do? :-)

Jasmine31 said...

Mmmm... This recipe sounds great!

Allison said...

Thanks for commented on my blog. And I am SHOCKED at how there were only 3 (you, me, and one other person) people out of who-knows-how-many comments that said it was okay!

And you are absolutely right about the fact that forbidding things makes them happen! We have way too many teen pregnancies in the states because we tell our kids that abstinence is the only way.


falleri said...

Hey, ik moet denken aan een serie die ik een tijdje geleden heb gedownload en gekeken, namelijk ghost whisperer. De man van de hoofdpersoon zit ook bij de brandweer :D Het is best een liefzoete serie, beetje een vrouwenserie dus. Misschien vind je het wel leuk. Het heeft mij door een zieke week heen geholpen ;)

cltgrace said...

Hey there - this sounds so yummy! Schade you had to eat enjoy it alone~ I think you asked me about gift exchanges at Easter - I'm not sure if it's typical or if I'm just part of a generous circle of friends. :o) Seems everyone had gifts for the children. The Easter baskets were full indeed! :o) How about Dutch traditions?