Saturday, October 06, 2007

... Makes you stronger

My teaching this week was so much fun! Apart from my little difference of opinion (which will be talked about on Monday) I had such a good time. My students this year are really cool. It seems to be so much easier than it used to be to work with them.

Of course, five years ago I walked into a VMBO-school ready to take on my first job as a middle school music teacher. I taught in a music/geography room with little or no musical instruments. I'd never taught a thirteen year old before, because I had just graduated from elementary education college. But I was armed and ready to take on whatever came on my way. And boy, did I find a lot!

Teaching music to these teenagers turned out to be a difficult thing. Especially the second years (eighth graders) gave me frequent stomach aches. But every discussion and every problem was a new bit of experience. And now, I find myself free of stomach aches. The kids don't surprise me anymore when they ask if I am pregnant. I now know that whenever I am a little tired and don't think to straighten my back and suck my tummy in, it makes the kids think I'm expecting. So I can reply with a joke and not be shocked. And this is true for so many other things that happen every day or week.

The fact that I am done with music college probably helps, too. The past four years I always had a mind full of to-do-lists concerning college. Now all I have is my four day job (and of course husband and house) to worry about and I'm so much more relaxed. The kids probably feel that, too. And especially my mentor group is a "warm bath", as we say in the Netherlands. They're a joy to teach!
After a few less positive entries, here's a happy one again. I love my job!


Alette said...

De zwarte kat in mijn blog is idd onze kat Jones. Hij is gevonden in een weiland toen hij 5 weken oud was. Onderkoeld en ontstoken oogjes. Dat heeft hij nu nog steeds, het is chronisch geworden. Maar verder is het een scheet van een kat.

gr Alette

Francine said...

Wat een leuke blog hbe jij. Wat heerlijk dat je je baan zo leuk vindt - dat straalt ongetijwfeld af op die kinderen, dat móet wel.

Hette said...

Mooi dat je het zo leuk vindt! Goed om te lezen!