Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My week

In the past week:
- the weather was awesome;
- we finalized our mortgage;
- I went from teaching 9 hours a week to teaching 12 hours (almost back at my regular 15);
- we spent the week-end to my grandpa's who lives by the North Sea, because he turned 94;
- I graded lots of papers;
- I took some more walks by the river and took some more pictures of the high water level;
- I worked in the garden for the first time this year (and how lovely it was to be outside again);
- I did lots of laundry (which was all dried outside, oh how I love the smell of air-dried clothes);
- I actually cleaned my house (hadn't been done in too long).

I'm sure you will now understand why I haven't been online much! I've been doing so many things, while trying to keep in mind that I'm still sick and need to rest. So I've also carefully scheduled nap times and reading times, which works well for me.
Spring is in the air and I love it!


Hette said...

Druk bezig dus! Mensen worden bij de eerste zonnestralen weer actiever. Ik had vorige week zelfs zin in een voorjaarsschoonmaak. Kun je nagaan.

She said...

Je hebt helemaal gelijk, er zijn zoveel leuke (en nuttige ;-()dingen te doen!

Lieke said...

Good woman.... I'm happy for you that things are going back to normal again.

falleri said...

Goedzo meis.. Ik ben een beetje niet aanwezig momenteel zoals je vast wel gemerkt hebt ;) maar ik zie je gauw. Ben blij dat je hoeveelheid energie in ieder geval weer wat meer wordt.