Saturday, March 24, 2007

Egg salad

After my last -pretty heavy- post (thanks for your comments!) it's time for something a little lighter. I thought a recipe would be in place, since M had his birthday on Wednesday and we're having a party for him tonight. I celebrated my birthday with a recipe too.
This is one of the snacks I'll be serving.

M's birthday egg salad
You will need:
- 5 hard boiled eggs
- a minced onion
- pepper, salt, curry powder
- a little ketchup (about a teaspoon)
- mayonaise
- a tablespoon of yogurt
- a tablespoon of sweet soy sauce (ketjap manis)

Boy, this recipe is easy this time. Cut eggs up and throw together with the onion. Add everything else to taste. Easy and great!


Yoastie said...

We zijn erover aan het denken om een kip te nemen (nog niet helemaal uit, hoor), dus we zullen alle eierrecepten goed bewaren. Stel je voor dat we een soortgelijke stroom van eieren krijgen...

Leuk om weer achter iets aan te jagen!

falleri said...


Katherine@Raising Five said...

That sounds delicious!

Thanks for visiting me today. I enjoyed getting to know you here on your blog. Your work with middle schoolers must be very challenging (I have two of them at home!). Thanks for writing it in English so I get to hear all about your life so far away!

Lei said...

That recipe looks perfect for a brunch I'm having. I am finging lots of good ones this time of year. Thanks!