Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good day fruit

Today is another good day. I'm starting to get my old bubbly optimism back! Monday night I went to my parents and when I got back there was this big fruit basket that had been delivered! It was from all of my colleagues. And today there was a card in the mail with a book store gift certificate. I work at a great school with great people!
I've noticed for a few days that I haven't been able to sleep right away at night. So I cut down on the naps and am starting to get up earlier. Of course still not early, but 9:30 instead of 11:30. I do more in the daytime, which still makes me really tired, but I'm starting to feel like I can slowly start to work on getting my energy back. Because boy, am I out of shape! Yesterday my mom and I took a walk across town (about 2 km) to a kitchen store. She wants a new kitchen so we looked around and then walked back. That's a distance I can usually easily walk. I'll have to start building up again! Today I biked to the local supermarket (not even 1 km) and I could feel my legs. I'm embarrassed to say that... what kind of Dutch girl am I?The good thing is, I'm walking and biking again. And if I build it up slowly, I'm sure my energy level will increase as well. And I have plenty of fruit to help me!


Melanie said...

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Lieke said...

Wow... good for you.. Happy to read that you are beating the mono.... You go girl... And your collegae's are sweet :D

hette said...

Ah dat is lief van je collega´s! Volgens mij moet je goed uitzieken ook al duurt dat heel lang.

She said...

Dat ziet er lekker en gezond uit! Ik denk dat je het langzaam aan moet doen. Lijkt me wel frustrerend trouwens om te merken dat je hele conditie weg is.