Saturday, August 26, 2006

Poor Little Dennis II

So I took Dennis to the vet this morning. He got another shot of antibiotics and I was told to keep an eye on him and if everything stayed quiet return on Monday.
Well, he did stay quiet. Too quiet. He tried to go on the litter box lots of times, but he couldn't go. He started to walk a little queasy again, and his eyes looked blurry. So I took him back to the vet at 17:00. He said he didn't look good (boy am I a good diagnostician) and gave him a different shot. He told me the first shot was related to aspirin, which tends to thin the blood. And when he pressed on the bladder, lots of urin and blood came out, so he had started to bleed again. No wonder he didn't feel good.
Now we have to watch him and if he doesn't pee tonight take him back in the morning. If he does and he looks better, Monday. We have a birthday party tonight. I'm glad it's only 2 houses away so I can go and check on him a couple of times.


falleri said...

Oi.. hou 'm maar goed in de gaten. Hoop dat-ie weer gauw helemaal okee is.

Dutchnic said...

wow wat ben jij snel! Ik heb dit net gepost!

falleri said...

Jep, dat is nou de kracht van rss! Rrrraau!

(ik haaaat de postbank alleen al om deze reclames, maar ik kon het even niet laten)