Monday, August 28, 2006

Dennis update and schedule

We went to the vet twice on Saturday, but we didn't need to go on Sunday. He peed and started to perk up a little. He eats everything I put in his dish and then still asks for more. No wonder if you consider that this 5 kg (15.43 lbs) cat lost 700 gr (1.5 lbs) in a week.
I'm relieved! We go back on Wednesday for his last shot of antibiotics, and then he should be fine. Yea!

And to prevent this log from becoming a story of just cats and chickens, here's how I am doing!
I went to my college today for the opening of the school year. My schedule is amazing: I only have 1 class until fall break, and 1 class from fall break to Christmas. All of the other assignments don't require presence at school. That means
that, including work, my week will look like this:
Monday: 1 class 2nd 9 weeks, after that: nothing (I mean write thesis)
Tuesday: work afternoons, evening: Italian class
Wednesday: work full day and choir at night
Thursday: 1st 9 weeks 1 class, after that: write thesis
Friday: work

That should be doable. Last year I had to go to work/college every day, and there were 3 days a week where I had to be at both places so I was constantly rushing from one place to the next. Hopefully this year will be less stressfull!


Renne said...

Sterkte met je kat!

In ieder geval een "relaxed" rooster.

Groeten van je plaatsgenoot ;-)

falleri said...

O wat fijn dat Dennis weer een beetje in orde is! Ik ben heel blij voor jullie en hem :)

En je rooster klinkt inderdaad doable. Die van mij is ook superrelaxed.. ik zou haast denken te relaxed.. haha. Ik zal er zo ook eens een logje over schrijven, maar ik hang nu nog even aan de telefoon met het ibg (hoi, hoi..)