Wednesday, July 16, 2008

House update

My summer has started and I've been too busy and lazy to write anything. As you can imagine, the remodeling is taking a lot of our time. But it's really starting to look like a house!

The back wall without the scaffolding.

The new roof with the Velux-windows. The first four are in the living room, the last three are bedroom windows.
A view from the front. The side wall has been re-grouted and looks as new!

The stable windows in the living room side wall. This part of the wall has been rebuilt, using the old bricks.

The patio doors in the living room.


Hette said...

Jeetje, wat een gigantisch huis hebben jullie! Daar is mijn 2-kamer appartement niets bij!
Ziet er ook al erg mooi uit!

Sheila said...

Vet stoer! Ziet er idd uit als een huis, vergeleken met hoe het er eerst uit zag :-)

Janneke said...

Wow, wat woon jij mooi! Is het oude huis er helemaal afgegaan eigenlijk of zit het deels nog in het nieuwe huis? Zou het vast ergens terug moeten kunnen vinden maar ik ben al lang niet meer hier geweest (heb je nu gebookmarked in mijn laptop, was na de crash van mijn oude pc alle bookmarks kwijt... maar ik zal dus weer vaker langskomen :))

cltgrace said...

Look at your new house!! Congratulations - must feel nice to be closer to your goal. AND it's gorgeous!

We're back...front porch picking is an informal concert of sorts where folks bring their guitars, bangos, fiddles, madolins, etc & play - just for fun. Folks jump in on whatever tunes they feel comfortable & sing when they feel an urge. It was quite fun!

Mrs Yoastie said...

Are you looking forward to moving in? I would be it looks lovely.

cltgrace said...

Thanks, as always, for your comments, Nicole! Glad I could get you up to speed. :o) Interestingly, I just read early this morning that the large footprint fireworks were actually filmed earlier & inserted into the live performance. They were afraid the helicopter filming the fireworks would attrack addition media & would not have the proper lighting or something like that. There is some criticism, but most folks are impressed. :o) Have a great day. When does school start back for you?

jasmine said...

That looks really cute!

valerie said...

Wow! Wat is het enorm anders ineens, ik heb een tijdje niet op je weblog gelezen (duh..) en schrik me een biet nu ik bij de laatste niet-gelezen post beland! Ik ga gauw even op je andere log kijken.