Thursday, September 27, 2007

The joys of home ownership

"Good morning ma'am"
"Good morning."
"Well, that's obvious, isn't it? It's broken."
"That might explain the cold in here."
"How much longer did you say you'd live here?"
"Probably not more than three months."
"It's not worth fixing ma'am."
"It's not?" (thinking: but I'm cold already and it's only september!)
"I'll call the office and ask them how much the part costs."
"Yup, that's what I thought. Not worth fixing ma'am."
"Well, how much would the part cost?" (thinking: can I please make my own decisions?)
"At least €200, and that's without taxes and installation costs. Would you like my advice?"
"Put an electric heater in your living room and put an extra blanket on the bed"
"OK, thanks."
"Can you please sign here? Because of the road block down the road I had to charge an extra 15 minutes for the detour I had to make. My office will send you the bill later this week."
"Sigh. OK, thanks again."
"Have a good day ma'am."
"You too."


Jill said...

yeah, I wish someone had told me how much owning a house would cost. It seams like we are always spending money on something.

Hette said...

Oei, dat wordt 'koulijden' dus.

Jen said...

You have to pay for his driving time? Lame. Sorry about the heater, I hate being cold!

Thanks for visiting me this morning!

mij said...

Well excuse me?!
En wat gaan jullie nu doen? Straks wordt het weer eens echt winter..

Yoastie said...

Tenminste was de vent die een paar jaar geleden onze wasmachine irreparabel verklaarde in staat om er eerst vonken uit te laten springen en toen een aanbieding gaf op een van zijn machines...

Mrs Yoastie said...

Poor you. I hate being cold.
I hate it when you have to pay for them to tell you it will never work again. and they can't help.

Lieke said...

The only thing I can say at the mo is AAARRRGGGGHHHH