Friday, April 06, 2007

My fireman

When I drove home from work yesterday, I noticed big black clouds of smoke coming from a campsite close to our town. I thought of M: he would probably be paged because it was a fire in our municipality. As I got to our house and parked our car, M came running to me. "Can you take me to the fire? I missed the truck, I was too late." So off I went, with him.

At this campsite (which is also sort of a trailer court, because most people there have a trailer that they use as a weekend house) one of the trailers had caught fire. The person in the trailer had started to cook food, but then fell asleep. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt but as you can see the trailer was totally ruined.

M jumped out of the car and I helped him put on his suit. He ran off but asked me to wait, so I parked the car and waited. Because I had recently bought a new cell phone with a pretty good camera, I decided this was a good moment to give it a try. It was interesting to see him work (isn't he a cool fireman?) and to see what all happened. Because of the long Easter weekend, lots of people were at the campsite and they all came and watched. It was an interesting crowd of people.

If you're interested in all the pictures, click here and click on "view as slideshow".


Lieke said...

Wow that was some action for your firefighter... I hope all went well with the person who's trailer it was.

Alette said...

Jeetje het zal je toch gebeuren zeg. Vreselijk zoiets.
Vind je het niet eng dat je mannetje brandweerman is?
Je hebt in ieder geval mooie foto's gemaakt :)
Fijne Paasdagen
gr Alette

Bas said...

A Fireman? He has my respect and you managed to get what many girls seem to dream of, lucky!

Plien said...

Verschrikkelijk lijkt me dat,maar in slaap gevallen tijdens het koken? Pfff moet er niet aan denken. Maar zo zie je maar een ongeluk zit in een klein kookhoekje.
Stoer dat je mannetje bij de brandweer zit. Die van mij is vrijwillig brandweer op zijn werk!
Goede foto's maakt je foontje zeg!!
Dat mis ik wel op mijn mobieltje.