Thursday, January 11, 2007


Sheila tagged me a while ago. And after thinking for a week or so here it is. The assignment was: name and explain five things that we don't know about you yet. At first I wasn't too happy to be tagged, but then again, why not?

  1. I'm a counter. I count how many people were at someone's birthday party, or how many buttons are on my new jacket. I weigh things when I cook, so I always know that everybody shares equally. I count the pages in the book that I'm reading, so I can keep track of how long it will take me (or has taken me) to read a certain amount of pages. I count the number of plants I plant in my garden, so I have equal rows. And so on...

  2. I skipped a grade in elementary school. Apparently I learned how to read and do math really quickly. And because the 1st and 2nd grade (group 3 and 4) were taught by the same teacher, it was really easy to move up a grade. I took advantage of my extra year by going to the United States as an exchange student when I was 17. But most of you already knew that.

  3. I can't stand repetitive noises and sounds. Don't click a ballpoint any more than necessary when I'm around. And please don't tap your nails on the table continuously while you talk. Don't chew your gum with your mouth open so I can hear the sound. And turn off that kitchen timer! All these things drive me crazy, I can't stand them, especially when I'm tired.

  4. I get really attached to things. I have a hard time throwing out clothes or shoes (even when they're ripped or stained) because they all have a story. Remember this and that that happened while I wore those sandals? Remember the lovely aunt that gave me this otherwise really ugly teddy bear? It used to drive my mother crazy... I still have loads of keepsakes in a box in her attic.
    M really had to get used to my thing-attachment, but we found a way. The other day my alarm clock that I had had since I was 11 broke. I had already bought a new one, but the old one was still on my night stand, or so I thought. It wasn't though, because M had thrown it out. He knew that that would be hard for me. And now I could blame him... :)

  5. I didn't get my first "real" kiss until I was a month away from my 18th birthday. I always wanted to save that for someone I was really in love with, and not some sweaty fellow eight grader that just thought it was time..
    But my first real kiss was like a Hollywood movie. You know what, I won't tell you about it yet. I'll write about it later...

And since this is a game of tag, Yoastie and Cltgrace, you're it!


She said...

Leuk! Nummer drie is erg herkenbaar! Hetzelfde geldt voor klapperende deuren of ramen, vreselijk! Om nummer 1 moest ik wel even lachen en over nummer vijf hebben we het al een keer gehad ;-).

Ik verheug me op de antwoorden van Yoastie!

Sheila said...

Lachen! Is een leuk lijstje geworden. Eigenlijk wist ik natuurlijk alles wel zo'n beetje, maar het is een leuk lijstje. In jouw tuintje staat ook alles recht in rijtjes. We zijn zó verschillend! En als ik even zit te klikken met mijn nagels, moet ik ook altijd meteen van jou stoppen.

Hette said...

O tegen geluiden die zich herhalen kan ik ook niet tegen. Heel herkenbaar inderdaad.
Leuk om dit zo te lezen! En naar het kus verhaal ben ik wel benieuwd hoor!

Renne said...

Leuk lijstje! Heb de mijne net pas op m'n weblog gezet.

Nr.3 is ook herkenbaar.. stomme is dat ik het van andere mensen ook niet zo kan waarderen terwijl ik het zelf ook regelmatig doe (met de maat van een liedje mee of zomaar een bepaalde ritme "drummen")